Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nivea Purifying Facemask

Sometimes I feel like my face holds a weeks worth of make-up leftovers, stress and pollution. I remove my make-up every night. I cleanse and clean and moisturise. But by the end of the week my skin sometimes needs a little deep clean action to prepare it for a new one. 

This is where the Nivea Purifying Facemask comes in pretty handy. Just ten minutes and a thin layer of this mask really makes a difference to my skin. 

The formula is great for my oily skin. Recently I have noticed my skins sensitivity level racking up a few notches (probably due to three years worth of sun, air conditioning and other damaging bits and bobs) and while the formula deals with my oily skin, it doesn't irritate the new found sensitive spots. It's not too heavy and after ten minutes I can still move my face; you know what I mean if you do at home facemasks which dry super quick and become heavy and cakey. 

I use a muslin cloth with warm water to remove the mask and every time, I emerge with a fresh feeling face and squeaky clean skin. This little pouch contains two applications and cost around €2. Not bad if your looking for an effective and affordable, at-home cleanse. 

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