Monday, 21 October 2013

Autumn Style

So it turns out that I like the colder seasons more than I thought. Maybe that has something to do with the several sweaty years I have spent on this sunshine island. Or maybe it is just a case of wanting want you can't have. But this expat girl wants skinny printed trousers, jumpers, wintery dresses and cute shoe boots. Unfortunately the weather is more fit for sandals, cropped trousers and t shirts. 

And the new collections in-store at Zara are teasing me to no end. I am lusting after so many items right now that I have mentally spent next months paycheck. I can live off bread and cheese for one month right!?

The Trouser

The Dress

The Top

The Boots

all items from Zara


  1. Ah! What I would do to look amazing in those printed pants/leggings! Love your taste. I'm trying to find a pair of cute booties for the fall right now! Zara is a great place to start looking, thanks for the idea! xoxo


    1. Oh im not sure if I would look that great in them either but im trying to inject more colour and fun into my wardrobe and thought printed pants would be a good place to start.
      Definitely try Zara and Aldo for the boots, also ASOS since they ship worldwide! :)


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