Tuesday, 15 October 2013

not a normal muffin

When I think of muffins I think of gooey chocolate chip filled cakey goodness or super sweet and juicy blueberry bites. And then I discovered savory muffins. In particular, courgette and cheese muffins. My discovery came in pursuit of new breakfast ideas and what's better than a breakfast muffin. 

I followed a great little recipe from The Well Floured Kitchen but made a few alterations to suit the contents of my fridge; I had white flour, I used melted butter and I didn't include the onion since I wanted to have these for breakfast. And if I do say so myself....they came out great! If not a little misshaped, 

The full recipe can be found here. 


  1. These are a great idea. Never heard using courgettes before. I have had the spinach and cheese version though. Very tasty.

    1. Oh Kayleigh they are super yummy, I would add more cheese than the recipe states though because im a bit of a cheese lover! :O


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