Saturday, 2 February 2013

who wants a burger?

Thursday night saw me drowning my sorrows in a huge homemade burger, with cheese, happily sitting between a brioche bun. Topped off with a home made fries with parmesan and a fantastic creamy mayo, mustard garlic type sauce thing that blew my mind. It was a good way to end an otherwise horrendous day. 

The venue for said experience; Limoncello. 

A new little foodie haven tucked into Ayios Antonios marketplace in Nicosia, this deli by day, restaurant by night, oozes comfort. With its chunky wooden tables and benches, lanterns and aromas leaking from the open plan kitchen, it feels like you about to tuck into dinner in your friends kitchen.


The menu is compact - offering quality dishes instead of huge quantaties of rubbish ones. The gorgonzolla flatbread was amazing and we all know how I felt about the burger. Im sure I can still taste the roasted sweet onion relish in my mouth. 

And since the prices are reasonable and the service fantastic, next time your in Nicosia looking for a relaxed little eatery, you know where to go.


  1. Food sounds amazing and I love the lemon tree picture.

    Just found your blog on BBN and really looking forward to following on Bloglovin.

    Kate x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kate! The food really is amazing. If your ever in Cyprus, Nicosia to be exact, definitely check it out.

  2. This place sounds fantastic. Sorry you had such a horrible day but I guess we all have one of those once and a while.

    1. I know, these things happen. Thank goodness for food to see me through the tough times. Now just have to work out how to bring my laptop back to life so I can get back to proper blogging! x


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