Friday, 11 October 2013

season style

I think I am having a season style meltdown. 

I braved a thin-knit sweater for work yesterday. Yes it looked cute with my little spike necklace, but oh no it was not cold enough for even thin-knit sweaters just yet. The weather is playing tricks on us. 

Picking outfits for work has become increasingly tough as the weather begins to change in Cyprus and we enter that limbo period of not-quite-summer-definitely-not-winter-maybe-autumn style weather which often leaves way for many 30 degrees days that surprise you into thinking actually summer is still here.  

I am not the most decisive person at the best of times, let alone in the mornings when I haven't had an caffeine, so I usually end up standing in front of the wardrobe with little or no clue about what the days outfit will look like until a variety of garments have jumped out at me and have made their way onto my body or been discarded on the floor in a pile. 

And then I end up in sandals and a thin-knit sweater. My style is definitely a bit a hybrid at the moment. 

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