Wednesday, 16 October 2013

road rage

You know that moment. 
The one where you have been standing at the crossing for more than 10 minutes. 
Waiting for that little green man to light up your life.  
And then you realise that the green man is never coming. 
Because it's broken. 
And you have been standing there. 
With a very impatient pooch. 
Looking like an idiot. 

Ahhhh the life of an expat.....always an adventure! 


  1. Ha that has happened to me while travelling. I am always so unsure of the road rules in different Countries.

    1. I know and I dont even drive. You have to learn the rules even as a pedestrian!

  2. sad day!! I remember waiting at crosswalks in Germany, seeing the little green man and still not being sure if it was safe to cross. Germany is very finicky about their laws..

    1. I would have thought germany would be a lot safer for these things. since they are so strict! :) not like Cyprus. crossings might not even work. And then you have to count on people actually stopping at a red light! shock horror!!!


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