Thursday, 24 October 2013

A magpies dream; BaubleBar

You know those suggested pages that Facebook keeps throwing out on your timeline, well mine are usually for Cypriot property developers, holidays abroad and some wonderful beauty cream that has goodness knows what benefits since i'm to bored to google translate from Greek. And then one day, one actually caught my eye for all the right reasons.....because it was about beautiful shiny things like statement necklaces and earrings (not that I wear earrings but you get my point). The name is BaubleBar and they are a fantastic New York based jewellery business. 

Ever since I have spent hours gazing through the pages and pages of wonderful creations, wishing that I lived in New York so I could go visit their showroom and gaze in person. They do ship internationally, but the countries are limited and this little island did not make the list. Which kind of works out well for my bank balance huh!

That doesn't mean I cant spend the hours browsing their website without any real purpose. Although this blog post is my sole reasoning behind said hours wasted on the internet. But when the necklaces are this good, who can judge.

Emerald Palm Bib $48

Pastel Feather Bib $36

Amber Renaissance Collar $42

Torch Blossom Bib $36

Alaqua Bib $36

Pink Phoenix Necklace $36

Find their full collection of necklaces, rings and bracelets at their shiny website here, and be prepared to loose a few hours of your day!


  1. Those are crazy awesome! Great find!

    1. I know they have some gorgeous stuff! Your the lucky one cause they will ship to you :)

  2. Lovely post! I've been to Cyprus 5 times now and it's such a beautiful place - you're very lucky to live there!

    Great finds too :)

    Katie xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by katie! It is a pretty beautiful place.
      Just wish more places would ship to this little island :P


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