Tuesday, 1 October 2013

let's talk about the 1st October

Today is Cyprus Independence Day - the day that Cyprus became independent from the British in 1960. And a day that I should maybe not shout about being a Brit living in Cyprus. A public holiday here, the day is usually marked with a huge military parade, including military vehicles and aircraft, that  happens to go right past my apartment. 


Except this year, it was deemed not financially feasible (and quite rightly) to put on such a show.

Cyprus is in the grips of recession and to blow a whole lot of state money on such a celebration would have been totally ridiculous to the outside world. There are many things I find easy to comment about when it comes to Cyprus; I know every country has it's flaws and I am in no position to judge considering this is not "my country". But it is my home. I pay my contributions like any other resident. And as such sometimes I can't help but voice my opinions. 

But instead of going on a rant today, I would direct you to a pretty wonderful article published today by the Cyprus Mail. The writing captures very honestly the way Cyprus has worked for the last 53 years of it's independence. 

"After half a century, a ruling elite of corrupt politicians, greedy trade unionists, dishonest businessmen and self-serving lawyers has sucked the state dry...This, regrettably, is what the Cyprus Republic has been about in its 53-year history. We cannot even boast that after 53 years, we built a State in which there is rule of law, let alone equality before the law."

This article paints a rather bad picture of the island, but ask many people and they would agree with the fundamental truths behind the writing. 

Maybe the next years will see some radical reforms and allow the island to really embrace it's independence. Only time will tell. 

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