Thursday, 26 September 2013

writing from the same place I do everyday...

I really wish I had had the time to embrace day 18 of blogtember properly. Instead I am in my usual blogging spot (my bed) with the pooch. Im half way there though since I still managed to blog today! 

Today we were meant to go to a coffee shop, order our favourite drink and write about what makes us happy/sad/or anything we want. I failed to go to a coffee shop. I failed to write from some place new. But I am writing. Which in itself is a small achievement.

The past few weeks feel like a blur of work, sleep, dog walking, more sleep, showering, more work and as much blogging as one can manage when they work full time. And being a single pooch mother  means all dog related responsibilities which were split between me and the boyfriend, now fall on me. It's kinda tough being solely responsible for a little four legged friend. 

But she is my constant little piece of happiness.

I come home and she is there, waiting, tail wagging with excitement, ready to walk and play. It would be so easy to get angry at her when she cleans her paws on my bed and leaves a nice little dirty wet puddle on the cover. But the puppy eyes melt my heart. For the few trauma's that come along with being a dog owner, there is a whole lot of reward! 

This weeks happiness came from the London Grammar album, the home-made doughnuts (thanks to my Polish friends very talented mother who is visiting) which came to work today and the cool temperatures. 

The sad stuff is always there, but lets not get into that now.

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