Friday, 13 September 2013

Day 8 - how has blogging changed me?

So yesterdays Blogtember post got lost somewhere in the whole mess of my day. But since the prompt was how has blogging and social media changed you.....I guess it was quite appropriate in this context. Although I am still kinda disappointed that I am day late. And I was doing so well. 

But let's get on with it now we are here. Blogging has brought so many positives and some negatives to my life, but overall it has made me more confident as a person. Having an outlet to write is very important for me and my self-esteem, because writing is my thing. 

Having a space to put pen to paper so-to-speak has allowed me to embrace my passion for words and also develop a more confident approach, not just to my blogging but my everyday life. And then there is the sense of community. Whatever type of blogger you are, you will find like-minded people who will hopefully comment and give you feedback and who you can share your passion with. I know I always bring everything back to the fact that I am an expat but, having such a community, can really be a boost on the days when your feeling a little lonely. 

Of course there are negatives to blogging and social media. I mean I really want to post everyday of the week and that can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you work full time and have social commitments, sometimes it is just not possible (unless your superwomen or super organised). And sometimes I can be a bit hard on myself if I don't manage to post something each day.

It is at these times that I realise how much blogging has taken over my world. When you are constantly thinking about updating twitter, how many followers you have on facebook, or taking the right photograph of a moment to use in a blogpost, it can be stressful and often you will look back and realise the moment you were so worried about capturing is gone and you didn't really soak it up. 

But I guess with every hobby, you have to choose how much you let it into your life and as a result how much you let it affect you and your everyday. I think after several years of blogging, it has pretty much become my everyday. 

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  1. Oh I know what you mean!
    I get that guilty feeling too, and the (slight?) obsession...
    But it's so worth it, isn't it? The positive far outweighs the negative.
    And I'm so happy to find great and inspiring blogs like yours!


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