Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A memory to relive

When I was approximately 7/8, I went in a helicopter. 

At the time I was young and innocent and my feet had never left the ground. I had never been a plane and I remember the anxiety of that moment, sitting in the helicopter waiting to go up. My little seven year old self was almost peeing her pants she was so scared. 

Squished in between my brother and my aunt, because sitting at the edge meant the possibility of falling out just incase the door flung open, I didn't exactly have the best view. But at that age, it was more the feeling that overtook the moment and to be honest I think I was almost too scared to look out of the window.

Unfortunately, back in 1990 whatever, we didn't have fancy phones or cameras and the only photograph of me and said helicopter is sitting somewhere in my aunt's house. 

So if anyone has a helicopter and wants to come pick me up from Cyprus....just drop me an email.

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