Saturday, 28 September 2013

The day we got honest with facebook

Today's blogtember post calls for a little honesty. 

Dear Facebook, I don't like the continual changes that surprise me when I just got used to the current way things are done. I do not like the randomly generated funny status updates. I do not like the suggested pages; which FYI are never interesting to me. Just because I live in Cyprus does not mean I want to buy a house or am interested in UK expat pension plans.

I have way too many "friends" on my friends list; maybe the 6 month rule I use for my wardrobe (if it hasn't been worn in 6 months, it is no longer needed) should be applied to my facebook. 

The feelings option does not make me want to share my feelings. Neither do I want to know what friends of my friends of my friends are doing. And in that box we can put cryptic, attention grabbing status and the oh my child is perfect photographs. 

So you know what I am doing this weekend.....facebook spring clean anyone? 

P.s If we are actually friends in real life, or you have a blog I follow, none of the above comments are meant for you. 


  1. I definitely need a facebook cull too. It's ridiculous when I scroll through facebook and see all the mundane things people update it with, and also how people try to make their life look so perfect to everyone watching. I shall join you on the spring clean! xx

    1. I know sometimes I think it is really ridiculous that I share on facebook with people I havent spoken to for sooooo long :)


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