Thursday, 5 September 2013

Aren't I too young to give advice..?

I think I am. 
But a wise women once said (and this is somewhat of a test to see if she actually reads the blog) ....

Knowledge is better than ignorance. 

The advice was in relation to some test results I was waiting for from the doctor (all good by the way). But those words have been roaming round my brain ever since. Knowledge is better than ignorance. 
When I broke it down she was right. I would rather know I was sick, for example and have time for treatment, than be ignorant to the problems that could be there and just brush it under the carpet. 
Life is too short to be ignorant. 
Knowledge is power. Whether it's reading the news, learning a new language, educating yourself about an important topic; knowledge is the key to personal development. I believe you can't move forward in life, if you don't arm yourself with the tools to do so. I think we are getting a bit deep now. And I am sure you get the point. 
So whether it is reading about the situation in Syria, learning a new skill, listening to someone's opinion about an important social issue....knowledge is better than ignorance. 
Plus it helps you to face the big bad world with a more realistic eye!  


  1. love this. I feel like so many people are content with being ignorant on so many important issues.

    1. I know! I don't claim to know everything. In fact my general knowledge is pretty poor.
      But I religiously tap away at my BBC World News app; I want to know whats going on around me.


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