Monday, 16 September 2013

the look of Love

Day 10 in the Blogtember challenge calls for a public love letter. The problem I had with this post is that I could have written it to one special person but that was kind of obvious. I could even have written to the dog who has kept me sane but then you would think I was crazy. Then there is any number of friends both near and far. But I could't pick just one. 

And then it hit me that this whole love letter malarky could be turned on it's head and instead of approaching it in the traditional, star crossed lovers, separated by oceans with just pen and paper for communication, kind of way, I could take it as an opportunity to vocalize the unconditional love I have  for papa Finerty. 

You have been the voice of reason since I was just knee-height. You fed and clothed me for 22 years. You have silently supported every decision I have made and have never passed judgement. You have respected my privacy and you have put my happiness first. 

You are the reason I am the women I am now; you taught me respect, honesty, sarcasm and humor. And even though I left you for another country and a boy, I am sure you love me every bit as much as you did the day I was born. 

And for all those reasons I love you more and appreciate the opportunities you have given me, with every year that passes. 

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