Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dysmos & Kanela Kitchen Bar - Onasagorou Street, Nicosia

What your looking at there is a big chunk of Tempura Feta with Sesame and some yummy sweet balsamic rocket salad. I know......your mouth is watering right?!

Dysmos & Kanela Kitchen Bar is a little place that popped up in Old Town Nicosia quite a while ago and I have been meaning to talk about it, but I eat everything too quickly and don't take any photographs. And this is a post that needs a photograph. As you can see, I only just made it. 

This place has the decor that establishments in Cyprus are all trying right now; the rustic, old meets new, semi-vintage feel. But it has a relaxed atmosphere and you wouldn't feel out of place rolling up in denim shorts and flip flops. 

The menu is imaginative and delicious and I can highly recommend the cheese board, the tempura feta and the salad with fresh figs and tempura something-that-I-cant-remember, is a definite must. And I heard good things about the meat platter; it sounds like a mans dream to be honest. 

And then there are the drinks. They have the obvious options, they have the not so obvious such as Pimms, and then they have what I termed a winetail; because I don't if it is appropriate to call it wine or a cocktail. It's a mixture of sparkling white wine, elderflower cordial, mint and ice. It is so tasty and super refreshing for the humid city nights we have recently. 

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