Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Where do you come from? *a bit of a deep post*

Today I am starting a new series from the wonderful Jenni who brought us blog everyday in May. This time round it's Blogtember (see what she did there) and we have weekends off. I managed to post everyday of Jenni's last challenge so I am thinking this will be breeze. Don't speak too soon though.

So todays prompt is: Describe where or what you come from. The people/ the places, and/ or the factors that make up who you are. 

Simply put, I come from here. 


I come from a small town called Teddington, just outside of London. I am a city girl at heart and crave the hustle and bustle, the convenience of the London Underground and the feeling you get walking across the river towards St Pauls Catherdral. 

My mother passed away when I was young and ever since, I have been fiercely independent. My father is the most understanding and humorous person you will meet; two qualities I stole from him over the years. You can also thank him for my sarcasm. My brother is creative and driven, characteristics that I envy and admire, but did not inherit.

These two men have been instrumental in shaping my personality and attitudes in life. 

Meeting me now, you would never believe how shy I was as a kid. The-hide-behind-your-mum's-skirt sort of shy. And then I grew up and went to university, found my feet and flew off to live in another country.

But trust me, I remember where and who I come from everyday.


  1. Experiences shape who you are in life, they make you understand what your boundaries are and how you can just get over them. They make you strong and indipendent and give you fuel to live.

    1. Indeed they do. What we live through shapes who we are. :)


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