Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I'd rather have a life littered with mistakes

I think in my life time I have made a lot of mistakes. 25 years is certainly enough time to trip up every now and then. Whether it's the small "whoops" mistakes or the bigger "oh how is life ever going to be the same" mistakes, human nature prevails and mistakes are an inevitable part of life. 

For me the problem is not making mistakes; no one is perfect. But the sticking point is how you handle them. And how you learn from them. I would much rather have a life littered with mistakes because they are opportunities for you to learn. If there is no bump in the road how do you ever learn how to handle situations and problem-solve?

Ok so now I sound like a careers counsellor or something. 

One of the scariest things is admitting you made a mistake; sometimes (usually those dark days where you would rather stay under the duvet than face the world) I wonder if taking the expat route was a mistake. Will people think I failed if I leave? Was leaving London a mistake? How would life have panned out if I had stayed? But the answer to all those questions does not compare to the experiences I have had, by removing myself from London. 

Leaving was not a mistake. It was probably the best decision I ever made; I have met some wonderful people, I have formed amazing relationships, I have worked in another country, I have lived in another culture and I have (loosely) learnt another language. 

The things I have learnt along the way have changed me forever. I am a better person for the "mistakes" I have made. 


  1. love this, i think everything happens for a reason and it's so smart not to view things as mistakes! XOXO

    1. Exactly Emi!
      Everyone is human and makes are a natural part of life. :) Just lets hope we all learn from our mistakes! :)


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