Saturday, 14 September 2013


It's self portrait day. 
Which reminds me of art class. And being given a pencil and a blank sheet of paper and being told to draw myself. You see I kind of have a problem with my face. I think my face is kind of long, I have a large forehead which is the reason for my fringe and I dont like my mouth; it doesn't do a natural smile and I always look a bit awkward in photographs. 
Most women have their hang-ups so I know I am not alone. I think as I got older I grew into my features a bit more and began accepting that some things cannot be changed. But I certainly feel more at home behind the camera than in front of it. 
That being said this is my favourite picture of myself this summer; Ray Bans, sand, sea, sun and a Mojito in hand. Oh summer of 2013 you have given me a sunburnt nose on many occasions and many wonderful weekends at the beach. But now, I want you to go and bring some colder weather so I cant start wearing hoodies and jeans again. 


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