Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The quiet moments: Moving to Dubai with Expatsblog.com

I am a morning person. 

Since being unemployed and in London for two months, I slipped out of any sort of routine and the whole time I felt a little unhinged. I need some structure to my days to make me flourish and a morning routine is vital for me. 

So upon moving to Dubai I reinstated some routine and the dog has a lot to do with that. Because when you have a dog, some spontaneity is removed from life because there is a living thing, depending on your for survival. Almost like a baby but with more fur. Anyway, my mornings in London were consumed by lie ins, now my mornings are consumed by walkies. 

And it's those calm, 25 minutes, pre-7am, when it feels like no one else is awake, that makes my morning, sets me up for the day and awakens my brain. The quiet moments, where I don't have to talk to anyone and no one is talking to me and the waters of Dubai Marina seem like glass, so calm and flat are bliss. 

The sun has not begun to bake the earth yet and despite the humidity, there is something quite refreshing about an early morning walk. It is like my preparation for the day ahead. 

My preparations for moving to Dubai were not as easy as a calm morning dog walk along the marina, especially when it comes to navigating document requirements, but more about that here

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