Monday, 7 July 2014

Tanning with Garnier Ambre Solaire & ROC

Dubai is probably one of the best sunburn prevention tools ever; I say that because it is too hot to stay in the sun long enough to get a tan, let alone get burnt!

Although thanks to my Mediterranean heritage, my skin soaks up any little bit of sun you give it. Yeh actually I have no Mediterranean family blood lines whatsoever; I am an adopted Cypriot through virtue of the boyfriend but that is where it ends. In fact my ancestors were Irish, so this olive skin I have been graced with is a big mystery to me. 

Regardless of my olive skin, I know I can burn, there have been some nightmarish occasions when the sun got the better of me. So moving here, where it is impossible to escape the sun, I knew I had to have some smart protection to call on. Hence the little selection of sun-care above. 

I never used to bother with a separate suncream for my face and would slap on the contents of any old bottle. But with my oily/combination complexion getting more unmanageable, most of the usual suncream's just clogged up my pores and then dripped off my sweaty face. Not an attractive look.

I think in the last year, I also became a lot more aware about sun damage to my face and I want to help my future self maintain a somewhat youthful appearance, so I introduced a factor 50 into my sun-care routine. The ROC Soleil Protexion tube is perfect carry-a-long size, doesn't have a thick or gloopy consistency and doesn't have an overpowering smell. Despite the factor 50 SPF, I still get a bit of colour, with a few freckles popping out across my nose, but no burn. Which means I am safe in the knowledge that I am protecting myself fully.

Garnier Ambre Solaire is a brand I remember my Mum slapping on us as kids and while I don't remember it having the slightly weird smell, my bottle has, it has done a great job at protecting me. Although the Garnier doesn't seem to like the humidity much and it is pretty difficult to get it rubbed in when it's a little sweaty, but I guess any suncream would struggle. And I haved noticed the odd white streaky patch on my skin appearing post-swim. Aside from that, it has protected me well and that is all that matters really isn't it! 

Now,  the Piz Buin Aftersun was stolen from my friends bathroom; she was leaving Dubai for 2 months for England and I figured she wouldn't need aftersun as much as me, so it left her apartment in my handbag and now graces my bathroom shelf.

I have never bought any Piz Buin products but I think I will be trialling their suncream options once the Garnier bottle runs out. I have fallen in love with it for a couple of reasons; the consistency of the cream is thick and nourishing without being sticky, it soaks into your skin well and the Tanimel accelerates my tan without even trying. What's not love. 

Any suggestions for sun-care with a nice fragrance please let me know; I want to smell like a tropical island while I soak up some sun. 

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