Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Dogs Life: Moving to Dubai with Expatsblog.com

I always wonder what goes on inside that little head. I wonder what she is thinking, how she is feeling, what she wants to say to us when she lets out those little mumbling barks. 

Truth be told I was a little worried about relocating her to Dubai. Not because of the heat; I mean she has only ever lived in Cyprus which has a pretty similar climate to Dubai and while the heat is a struggle in a fur coat, she copes remarkably well. 

No I was worried about the actual moving process, transporting her from one country to another and being separated from her. We were each others rock for the past year and I didn't spend more than a day without her, so handing her over to a stranger at the relocation company, and trying to coax her into her travel box was rather stressful. Especially when she let out a little whimper as the car door shut. 

Relocating a dog to Dubai is a complicated process with vaccinations, paperwork and regulations to navigate, but it is possible. And worthwhile. The pooch is now living a wonderful life in the sunshine; she walks every morning and evening, she has air conditioning on tap and she has made doggie friends. They all run around together off leash, like a little furry crew. 

A dogs life in Dubai ain't bad at all. 

If you want to read about the practicalities of moving a dog to Dubai and all the things (and the list is long) that you need to think about, the next article in my "Moving to Dubai" series, Bringing your Dog to Dubai, is now live. 

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