Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Life Lately: Ramadan went quick

Ramadan flew by in the blink of an eye; a month has passed, Eid celebrations have begun and we can drink water in public and go out for lunch again. In retrospect, the whole Ramadan situation has been easier to navigate than I originally thought it would be. You make little changes to suit the situation like not walking to the metro station midday, only going to the mall for a few hours and swimming in the evening.

We never got around to experiencing a traditional Iftar; the cities restaurants and hotels offer a million different options and as newbies in Dubai I guess we were rather overwhelmed by it all. Maybe this time next year we will get our act together and immerse ourselves in more of the cultural aspects of Ramadan. 

We feel settled in Dubai already; getting to know the city, finding our way around and adapting to the new weekend schedule with ease.  So we have decided to start a Dubai bucket list, with all the things we want to do and see and places we want to visit and more importantly, stuff we want to eat. The Fish and Fruit Market in Deira was one thing on the list that we ticked off this weekend. A huge outdoor, covered market in the older part of the city, on the water, the Fish and Fruit Market is a feast for your senses. It is loud and chaotic and crammed with fresh fish straight from the boat and a whole host of fruits and veggies, creating a rather colourful and ambient experience, but more about that later. 

This week we also ventured out onto the water, courtesy of a friend who scooped us up onto a boat and gave us a tour of Dubai Marina from the water. We have walked the 8km's or so along the Marina Promenade, taking in the skyline and the boats, but seeing this little metropolis from the water is a whole other experience. And we got a rather nice view of the Burj Al Arab. 

Eid started yesterday which made for a nice long weekend with an extra two days off, but reality returned today and normal operations resume as I head back to work. Life lately hasn't been too shabby. 

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