Sunday, 20 July 2014

Life Lately: cloudy mornings and a dog ban

This past week has seen the humidity race up and every time I leave the confines of an air conditioned building, my glasses cloud over, my phone screen steams up and slowly but surely, a warm layer of sweat appears on my skin. It sound's lovely right. 

The mornings, and when I say mornings i'm referring to 6am, are equally humid and dare I say it cloudy. Or is it fog. Or maybe haze. What's the difference I don't know, but the point is the mornings have an eery, haunted city feel to them as I walk the pooch on the empty streets. And then bam. Suddenly the skies clear and the sun returns, waking from its slumber. 

My morning then proceeds in a frantic haze of showering, breakfast and too many minutes spent in front of the wardrobe trying to decide what to wear to work. I have forgotten how indecisive I am in the morning and must start picking outfits the night before. Well it didn't matter if I wore my grey cotton maxi dress everyday when I was unemployed did it. 

My first week at work, aside from the wardrobe dilemmas, was wonderful. It carried the smell of fresh basil, it made me feel worthwhile and it gave a purpose to my days. To actually begin to develop a life/work routine again is making me one happy expat. 

And the other big news this week is the signs that sprung up, out of nowhere, along the Dubai Marina Walk, declaring dogs were no longer welcome. I thought something fishy was going on when the dog poop bins mysteriously disappeared a few days earlier and in my naivety, I thought maybe they were replacing them. 

Nope. Dogs are no longer allowed along the promenade which runs the length of the Marina, which is a shame because we moved to this apartment because of the areas "dog-friendly" reputation.  But I also understand why it has happened; some very irresponsible dog owners who don't clean up after their pooches have ruined it for the rest of us. Oh well, we will roll with the times and find an alternative. At least we live at the end of the marina where there's plenty of open, unused land to walk her. 

No more morning snaps of the marina in its sleepy state. You were probably getting bored of those anyway. 

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