Monday, 14 July 2014

Beauty: NYX Bronzer in Medium

I am a girl who loves a bronzer. A blush is fine, but those pinky shades don't do much for my complexion and I struggle to find an affordable, shimmer free, peach blush. If it is one thing I hate in my make up bag, it is a shimmer blush or bronzer. Shimmer was reserved for my teens when sparkles in eyeliner and nail varnish were used in abundance.

Now I am all grown up and less experimental with my make up (code for safe), a sparkle free bronzer is what does it for me. And even they are hard to come by. My holy grail of bronzing is Benefit Hoola box; the mere thought of that little maroon box, with it's soft bristled, turquoise handled brush warms my face. When the bank balance didn't stretch to Benefit I found Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzing Compact in Medium Matte worked a treat. 

Now there is a newbie in my make up bag; gifted to me by a lovely friend who raided her beauty cupboard at work, the NYX Bronzer in Medium is my new best friend. It's deep tones mean a liberal swish gives the perfect golden glow. And it's strong pigment means a little goes a long way. 

Plus it is a matte bronzer, with zero shimmer and as we discovered shimmer is my enemy. It's £8 price tag puts it in the middle of Rimmel Sunshimmer and the Benefit Hoola and is definitely worth the modest cost. An item I will certainly be purchasing once mine has run out, if I could only find a stockist in Dubai!

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