Monday, 28 July 2014

Organising: Moving to Dubai with

I think by now, most of my friends know how organised I am; whether it is my desk at work, my wardrobe or my diary, I am the sort of personality that needs at least a rough plan and a checklist. 

You would be forgiven for thinking then, that I would take an international move in my stride. Sure with Cyprus I did; moving from an EU to country to another EU country is relatively easy. Moving from an EU to country to a Middle East one is a little more tricky. The checklist got longer and longer the more research we did and my "moving to Dubai" notebook (yes, I am one of those that buys new stationary at the drop of a hat) became jam packed quite quickly, with scribbles and lists and notes. 

If I can give anyone moving to Dubai, just one piece of advice, it is organise yourself pretty early on and you're move will go a lot smoother. But more on that can be found over here, in my number-I-can't-remember article for 

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