Friday, 25 July 2014

Beauty: Garnier Oil Beauty Collection

I fell in love with the Garnier Oil Beauty collection at first smell. It's rich nutty scent, a mix of macadamia and almond oil, is softened somewhat by a touch of rose oil, which combined, exudes luxury and turns my little bathroom into an at-home spa for a few minutes every day. 

Gifted to me by a wonderful friend who raided her beauty cupboard at work, the nourishing lotion and nourishing scrub are perfect partners in crime. My skin has been battered over the last few months what with some severe climate changes, a lot of sun and a bit of stress and these two have worked wonders are reviving my moisture levels. 

The Oil-Infused nourishing scrub has a great texture; it has the perfect balance of scrubbing particles and thick creamy wash which means my skin feels like new without being irritated. I think the oil really adds that much needed moisture that other scrubs sometimes miss.

The nourishing lotion is thick and creamy and glides onto your skin effortlessly. The best bit is it soaks in rather fast and doesn't leave a heavy residue on your skin like other rich lotions do, and because of the creamy consistency, a little goes a long way. I also love that handy pump action bottle which makes application a breeze. 

I have never really been a fan of Garnier body moisturisers; I often found their consistency to be gelish and a little sticky and the smells were never that appealing to me. But this collection has won a place on my bathroom shelf. If your looking for a rich, intense moisturising lotion this is definitely worth a try. 

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