Tuesday, 4 December 2012

the expat blog awards

The lovely people over at expats blog not only found my little online diary of love and life in Nicosia, but nominated me for an award. Expats blog is a great little (or should I say large) online community for expats the world over and I have had the pleasure to get involved (as I informed you here) and follow along with the adventures of all sorts of expats from Africa to Asia. 

And every year they launch the expat blog awards; they find the best expat blogs out there and award top blogs per country. 

So now my shameless plea for help - the awards for Cyprus are fast approaching and I would really appreciate if any of you out there feel like vocalising your thoughts to head on over here, and leave your comments at the bottom. Or click on the big blue expats blog badge on my sidebar - the same rules apply.

And while your there go check out some of the other fantastic blogs from around the world.


  1. Hey Mimi,
    I am happy to vote for you. Your blog is always interesting and I love learning about Cyrus. I will know exactly all the places to see if I ever vacation there.

    1. Thanks so much kayleigh for your kind comments!

  2. I agree with Kayleigh, every time I visit I feel like I'm learning more about Cyprus and the culture from a 'local' and then I have to remind myself you're an expat! Visiting here feels like a little staycation to Cyprus xoxox


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