Tuesday, 11 December 2012

winters arrived

The past few days have seen "winter" embrace this little island. 

We have had rain, wind, thunder and lightening and it is f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g. And when I say freezing I mean the temperature dropped below 15 degrees. Anyone in the UK is laughing at me right now, but seriously, after months of plus 30 degrees, it feels so cold that my bones are constantly shivering. 

I even wore a hat on my walk to work this morning so my ears would be spared that cold burning sensation.

With that being said it seems like the perfect time to discuss the John Lewis christmas ad. I think the christmas ads from these guys are amazing. Somehow, they always suck the emotion out of you and this years is no exception. Maybe its something to do with the soundtrack. I really feel like its christmas when I catch a glimpse of this. As well as the coca cola ad obviously.

What do you think?


  1. Everyone always laughs when we say it's cold don't they! It really is though, I'm sat here with a big thick jumper and my fluffy dressing gown on!

    I hadn't seen the John Lewis ad or any others, as we only have nile sat and no English channels so it was nice to see.

    1. Im with you on that one. People think cyprus doesnt get cold but it totally does especially after months of sunshine! :) I have learned after two years here i need winter pyjamas, hoodies and thick fluffy slippers. Houses arent built for the cold.

      I dont have english channels either (a bit of a sore point) but I always look out for these things on youtube to make me feel part of "english christmas"


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