Sunday, 9 December 2012


For the past few days my head has been all over the place and forming proper sentences was not a skill I could manage. Which would explain the lack of activity around here. If I were to give you a visual perspective of what my brain felt like it would probably be something like this....


I big white haze of nothing-ness. A weekend of sleeping, lunch with girlfriends and sex and the city seems to have done me the world of good as I emerge from my haze, well not quite, but ready as I will ever be for another Monday.

Maybe it's my inner desire for hibernation?


  1. I'm finding that I'm doing so much less (in terms of writing and thesis work) this month. All I want to do is blog and go out to eat or for drinks or to a cafe. Perhaps it's just that time of the year xoxox

    1. Oh I totally think its the time of year. Right before christmas everyone seems to wind down a bit into a haze of winter and christmas laziness. Eating and drinking are both great activities!! :)


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