Sunday, 2 December 2012

so december's here.

Don't you feel like this year has just flown past and suddenly December has crept up on us and its nearly the end of another year. Seriously. I remember January like it was last week. But here we are, counting down to christmas already.

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And this years countdown is a little more exciting than usual; because I'm going home to London for christmas!! 7 whole days of consuming everything christmas-y and London-ish I possibly can; inhaling the cold smell, seeing the lights and eating, well eating just about everything and anything I can get my hands on. (I have warned the boyfriend that he should expect me to return with at least an extra 5 pounds and im not talking money.)

Im pretty sure a christmas trip to London is bad for my waistline and bank balance but you know what, you cant put a price on happiness. And christmas should be spent with family and friends right - while its always nice to get a tan, christmas day is for roast turkey, chocolate and an afternoon on the sofa watching christmas films and opening presents. 

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