Thursday, 6 December 2012

music to my ears.

When me and the boyfriend first started going out; way back when I was just 16 and he was 17 and teenage love was blossoming, our first discovery of mutual musical love was a Moby song. 

Everytime I hear it all those emotions and memories come flooding back. I remember the first time we saw each other [because the first time he saw me, I wasnt paying much attention], the first date; he got a projector and made a homemade cinema for us and the first time we realised, as we sat in the park in the middle of winter, freezing cold [don't ask, its what teenagers in England do] that our situations were more similar than either of us thought possible. 

And here we are 8 years later, living in together in Cyprus with a dog. His mum always says to me; "if someone had told you all those years ago that you would be living in Cyprus, you wouldn't have believed them". And she is right. I didnt even have a passport let alone aspirations of living in abroad. But if we survived the teenage years, university, long distance and many more challenging times, living together on the other side of Europe is like a walk in the park.

It's amazing to think how far life can throw you in 8 years.


  1. This post had me smiling the whole time. It is amazing what a few years can lead to. This morning my husband and I were playing cards, listening to cds and singing along. I smiled looking at the cards and the cds....:)

    1. its nice the associations you make with objects and music through good memories.


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