Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Londons Calling

Ever since I saw this advert, all those many months ago, I've used it as my pick me up. You know, when its been one of those weeks. When I feel really far from home and a little lonely. 
The BBC have absolutely captured everything I miss about London, the culture, the architecture, the food..... need I say more. 

But finally the time has come. London is calling and I get to hop on a plane in a few hours headed for heathrow and 8 days of London time. And more importantly, christmas London time. Christmas is probably the best time to live in London. Its crisp and cold. Its magical. Its beautifully decorated. It has a buzz about it like no other time of year. 

I wont be blogging while i'm gone because frankly I will be out and about enjoying everything London has to offer me and catching up with those faces I usually only get to see through Skype.

So consider this christmas holidays for the blog (although there may be a few sneaky scheduled posts thanks to blogger). 

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