Saturday, 29 December 2012

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Well I did tell you it would be quiet for a while.

I arrived back from London late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning and since then it has been a blurr of work, unpacking, washing, folding and tidying away many, many items purchased whilst in London. The problem now is where to put everything! 

London was simply magical. 

It was cold (and rainy but the less said about that the better), there was christmas spirit everywhere and lights for that matter. And the food. Well the food was just how I remembered it. Only better. 

Unfortunately in my haze of excitement, taking in the moments and consuming the lovely faces of friends I havent seen for oh so long, I forgot to take any photographs. I literally have 2 photographs on my phone.

But I have the memories in my head and sometimes it is just better to be in the moment instead of trying to capture it.  

And after my whirlwind "holiday" thankfully I have 4 days off to relax, enjoy the new year and get back into life in Cyprus, which means eating, drinking, blogging and spending too many hours on pinterest im sure.

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  1. What a lovely picture, really made me smile. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


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