Friday, 1 June 2012

what to wear for wedding season

With the start of June comes the start of what I have affectionately termed "wedding season" here in Cyprus. Seriously as soon as the sun hots up the wedding invitations start coming and its not uncommon for people to have more than one wedding per weekend throughout the summer months. It's safe to say, Cypriots love a wedding!

But wedding season this year brings with it a whole host of trauma for me when it comes to wardrobe choices. Last year was our first year in Cyprus so I was a newbie at the wedding thing. But now I know what to expect, I feel like there is added pressure. Traditions here are different from what i'm used to back in England. For example, I found out early on that it is socially acceptable to wear black to a wedding. The moment I realized this was when we turned up to harrys cousins house, pre wedding and every single cousin was wearing a black dress. So I am slowly learning the rules. However, my style is simple, comfortable and easy to wear. Im not a dress person really as for me dresses go with heels, but heels do not go with my height. A perpetual dilemma that creeps up in many situation....

And suddenly we have a wedding to attend tomorrow and I am once again without an outfit. While I have multiple options, it has been one of those weeks that has left me feeling less than optimistic and so far every dress pulled from my wardrobe has ended up on the floor in an angry pile. All hopes rest on an early morning shopping trip tomorrow and im hoping Zara can pull something out the bag for me. So, what exactly is appropriate for wedding season in be honest your guess is as good as mine. 

Maybe one of these....



  1. I like the 2nd one. Is it navy?im big on navy as it looks sooo classic but not as harsh as black. Whos getting married?i wanna come cyprus and cu all. X

  2. yeh its navy. I tried to find it zara today but they didnt have it :( so i opted for a hot pink one instead. haha :) its the wedding of Harrys boss, in limassol. His fiance is from Finland so not a typical cypriot wedding but should be fun! We are waiting for your...whenever your in cyprus!!


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