Saturday, 2 June 2012

9am shopping

For future reference, 9am seems to be the perfect time to hit Zara. Everything is tidy and in its place, there is no queue for the changing room and there is no need to battle with other shoppers who get in your way.   This all lead to a rather positive shopping trip with the boyfriend, who would do anything to not be surround by sweaty shoppers on a Saturday. 

And Zara, as I knew it would, was my saviour in the wedding outfit hunt. While I didn't find any of the dresses I found on the website [in this post] I did pick up something simple and stylish and little out of the box for me. A hot pink dress with a skater style skirt and piping detail was a winner for me, because thanks to the eclectic wardrobe of a work friend, I have borrowed a bag which is the perfect partner for this dress. 

The final selling point for me with this dress was the thick straps; with larger boobs, I always have a nightmare with trying to find the right bra for the dress, but one that has support. But have no fear with this dress, my usual bra will be super supportive and concealed. Winner all round I think.

While the pictures below look a bit muted, trust me, this dress is HOT pink! 

images: my own

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