Sunday, 3 June 2012

its all about the small things

I have this insatiable need to have a tidy, clean and perfectly kept home. I really dont know why; maybe it is because now we actually have an apartment of our own, to call our home. Or maybe it's the organised clean freak in me, or worse still, maybe I am adopting the ways of the Cypriot women. 

Whatever the reason, the perfectionist tendencies in me are overwhelming right now. And to keep a tidy, clean and perfect apartment when you have a grafitti loving, shoe hoarding boyfriend and a half jack russell doggie, is just impossible. 

So either I succumb to majority voting party of my household and don't fret about our home, or I continue to power through the carnage of shoes in our hallway and remake the sofa everytime millie decides to get inside the blankets and run around in a circle. 

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