Sunday, 10 June 2012

summer has ARRIVED

and in full force I may add. In Cyprus we don't seem to have the typical seasonal changes as I was used to in England. Which for the rain hater inside me is very nice because there is more summer to enjoy, but it's a little confusing when you wake up one day to find summer arrived and no one told you.

We have passed the 30 degrees mark. And it's only June. From past experiences the only way is up; which means the temperatures will just keep on climbing. I remember the day last summer when we hit 40 degrees; it was a Friday at 3.30pm, a momentous occasion as this was a heat I had never felt before and everyone told me I should be expecting. 

While I feel like my body is some what getting used to the heat - the way of measuring this is can I still physically put on skinny jeans and endure them for a whole work day - I think the trousers will soon be relegated to the back of the wardrobe and the legs will be free to feel the sunshine. Now to get my legs in a suitable condition for this outing and to purchase a few transitional dresses to take me through the summer.

Its safe to say the days of cloudless skies are well and truly here! 

apologies for the poor quality picture - my phone is useless!

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