Monday, 4 June 2012

H&M and sustainable fashion

H&M is without a doubt, my favourite high street store. They cater for such a wide range of consumer; I can go with my boyfriends mum and we both find items we love. But for me, it's not just the fact that they design wonderful clothes and offer affordable fashion to all, it's their thinking that I get on board with.

They take their corporate social reponsibility seriously and think not only about the aesthetic of their product but the substance. H&M is big on sustainability and with that comes a network of projects that better serve, not just the brand itself, but the partners they work with worldwide. They support and educate their workforce all over the globe and take a proactive approach to enriching the lives of the people and the local environments in which they work. 

In 2009 they started a 5 year project alongside UNICEF, working to improve the lives of children in the cotton cultivating areas in India. In 2010 H&M was the biggest user of organic cotton in the world. That in itself speaks to me about how the brand thinks. And in 2011 their better cotton ranges hit stores. 

Knowing that they take their approach to fashion seriously, means I take the brand more seriously. They are aware of the impact their operations can have and actively involve themselves in projects to reduce the impact of their actions and better assist local communities worldwide. 

This video is well worth a watch. Now we just need to petition for an H&M in Cyprus and my poor father will stop receiving the packages in england from online shopping sprees that must be sent on to me. I guess, shipping to Cyprus would be another alternative! 


  1. Hey Mimi!
    What a sad news that H&M does not have stores in Cyprus! I am moving to Paphos area in January and I am totally addicted to H&M! I will most likely end up doing the same - asking my friends to either forward the packages for me or mail them direct to cyprus. Do you have any experience with ordering the clothes direct to cyprus? Is it expensive?


  2. Hey Lucia,

    Thanks for your comment. I really wanted to email you back but you dont have your email address on your blogger profile. Send me and email and il reply asap. xx

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