Saturday, 9 June 2012

the issue of the dress

I have never really been a dress person, except for when I was little and I remember my mum adorning me in a number of floral prints with matching bows. But since the weather in Cyprus come the summer months is nothing less than HOT (capitals indicate the level of HOT we face) it seems I need to start addressing my issue with the dress, because trousers are just not an option. 

While my legs are still that sort of pale winter shade upcoming beach trips will soon sort that out so, I feel its time to begin purchasing some shorter hemlines and opt for some cooler garments to get me through the summer months. 

My recent pink Zara purchase for the wedding we attended last weekend was a step in the right direction, although not altogether work appropriate. The dilemma I face therefore is how to maintain comfort, a moderate temperature and a professional work worthy look. I'm torn between prints or plain block colours and I just don't know what styles to go for.....but some online research has revealed a good array of dresses to choose from. I may need a little help when it comes to actually making a decision.....all suggestions are welcome. 

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