Monday, 4 June 2012

less fuss more wedding

Yesterday we went to one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been too. It was the wedding of the boyfriends boss and his beautiful Finnish fiance and it was such a refreshing experience. Until now, I have only been to a few weddings in Cyprus, but they have all been more traditional Cypriot weddings; a concept I can't personally get on board with. For me a wedding is simple, its beautiful and it is personal, about two people getting married and yesterday was the first time I actually felt that feeling. 

The groom was a grinning mess, the bride looked effortlessly beautiful and the guests were relaxed. In Cyprus not many people go to the actual wedding ceremony, which again for me is a bit strange. For me the whole point of a wedding is to watch two people get married - thats the soppy romantic in me coming out. 

But the emphasis yesterday was on friends, family and celebrations, not things. They didn't have an official photographer - the semi professional photographer that is my boyfriend took their photographs (and although I am biased) and he did an amazing job. The ceremony was not in a church, but a beautiful cultural centre in Germasogeia village in Limassol, where the building was old and full of character and the wedding took place in a central courtyard, surrounded by palm trees and lanterns.

While they maintained some traditions, the meeting and greeting/money giving hoo haaa - in Cyprus the tradition is not to give presents but to give money to the bride and groom to start their new life together - they approached their wedding with their own style, mixing cultures and encouraging everyone to celebrate with them in an informal way. 

I don't think I have seen two people more relaxed, happy and in love as I did yesterday. And now I know where I want to get married. 

images: harry kakoullis

I love LOVE. 

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