Saturday, 16 June 2012

first visitor of the season

Today is not any ordinary Saturday. Today is the day my big brother arrives on the sunshine island all the way from London. Now a little insight into my brother for you; since moving to Cyprus nearly two years ago, we have attempted to plan a proper trip many times but never succeeded. My brother can be notoriously difficult to pin down! So you will therefore understand my excitement when two weeks ago, he not only proposed a weekend trip, but even gave me secured dates and booked his flights! 

So today is the big day. I have done an extra special clean of the apartment, you know the sort worthy of visitors, the guest bed is made, fresh towels are ready and at 3pm we will collect my long limbed brother off the flight when he will most probably complain for 5 minutes about the length of his legs and the lack of legroom. Well when your over 6 ft you tend to have these sorts of issues. 

We will spend a weekend of lazy days, sunshine, coffee, beaches, food and much talking. So I wish you a good weekend and kindly inform you that it will be a tad quiet round this way until the big brother departs on Tuesday. Maybe we will get to take an updated picture of us together since the last one was 2 years ago!! [excuse the dodgey expression, intruder in the background and chubby cheeks].

photograph: my own


  1. Aw that's so lovely! Hope you've had the best time with your brother xxx

  2. Ah enjoy!! My young man is from Paphos and Nicosia (has family and homes in both), and I've gotta say- I'd rather be out there right now with this weather! But its always so good to go 'home' for a while. Have a fab time!


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