Tuesday, 26 June 2012

all things neutral

I love neutral. I like the classic styles an simple colour palettes of nudes, grey, white, black and soft caramels and apricot tones. This is a love that crosses between fashion and design. While I enjoy colour and pattern [and im learning to embrace it more and more since cohabiting with my graffiti loving, adidas visual merchandiser boy who just cant get enough of colour] I like the simplistic feeling of neutral tones. 

Living in Cyprus where the weather varies somewhere between warm, hot and sweaty, wearing simple and neutral pieces makes me feel cooler and having a minimalist home filled with white has a calming affect in the summer months. However previously mentioned boy has had is wicked way with our home and splashes of colour have crept in here and there. 

With my skin showing he signs of summer and a golden glow edging in, I can feel the beckoning call of summery prints and palettes. But since my brain is still hanging on to all things neutral here are my favourite finds.

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