Thursday, 12 June 2014

So the adventure begins


I am sitting here tapping nervously at the keyboard on my iPad because in a few short hours I will be on a plane to Dubai with two suitcases containing all my worldly possessions. 

This is the second time I have packed up and jumped on a plane in as many months and if I'm honest with you all this packing and unpacking is becoming a chore. I will be quite happy to unpack tomorrow knowing that it is the last time for a while. I'm just as happy to know that in approximately 7 hours I will be reunited with the boyfriend and the doggie, who have both been enjoying their Middle Eastern adventure without me until now. 

The blog may fall silent for a few days since I have only managed to schedule a handful of posts during this transition phase. But don't worry, I will be back with a vengeance and probably way too many photographs of sunsets and shiny buildings.


  1. That part about them enjoying their middle east adventure without you brought back so many memories of when Patrick and I were doing it long distance. I was always so thankful for the life I had and my own adventures but there was a huge element of 'so...what am I missing today'

    PS sorry about all the comments! I just got back from traveling, I have a few days before I'm off again but I've just missed 'talking' to everyone, so this is me just trying to catch up and connect while I can xoxox

    1. I love all the comments. I have been slow to reply what with all the moving stuff. I like the indepence too but being part of the family. Back together again makes me feel complete.


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