Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review: 25°55° CAFE BISTRO, Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Lazy Sunday mornings have been replaced by lazy Saturday mornings and I am surprised at how quickly my brain has adjusted to that. And part of a lazy Saturday or Sunday is breakfast. Breakfast is one of my favourite things, although any meal time ranks highly in my books and living in Dubai Marina, I am sure there are a million places we could go. But I have been here for just over two weeks and the only place I have ventured for breakfast is the 25 55 Cafe Bistro at Dubai Marina Yacht Club

And that is not because I am lazy; you know I would climb a mountain for good food. No, it's because I can't get the mental taste of eggs benedict florentine out of my brain, since my first encounter on my second day in Dubai. The perfectly poached eggs and the creamy spinach and hollandaise sauce have been permanently etched into my brain and since the boyfriend suggested breakfast, my taste buds have been in a frenzy. 

25 55, named after Dubai's nautical coordinates has a calm and classy interior, dark wood, white and blue bringing the feeling of the ocean inside. The breakfast menu has something for everyone; a full English breakfast served up in a cast iron frying pan, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, granola, pancakes or a fresh fruit platter. Oh and I totally recommend you start your menu deliberations with a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice. 

The staff are amazingly attentive and patient; I say patient because the boyfriend wanted to substitute half the items in his full English breakfast with other items and the waiter was very obliging. And as I already mentioned, I can recommend the eggs benedict florentine. Oh and one last thing, they give you the choice of pork sausages, which is a big plus as not everywhere will. 

I'll be sure to try something else off the breakfast menu on our next visit so I can give you a more rounded review of the food. And with a view like that, Dubai Marina Yacht Club is firmly on my radar as a breakfast hotspot.


  1. Give me a full English breakfast any and every time!

    1. I know father, you would love to fill yourself up with their breakfast served up whimsically in a cast iron frying pan. :)


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