Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Everyone has their own yellow brick road

Everyone in life has a different path to take and that is ok because if we all took the same one it would get a little crowded wouldn't it. I don't think there is a right or wrong path, although some certainly might be a bit easier. But what is the point in skimming through life and never challenging yourself or taking yourself out of your comfort zone.

And this post comes at a time when I am about to throw myself out of my comfort zone and land in yet another country to set up life; this time tomorrow I will have left England for another expat adventure. 

People might question my motives for moving to Dubai; the sole reason is because the boyfriend was offered a job there and where he goes I go. It was nevertheless a joint decision and to the people who say I am just following him, I say so what. My path in life has had some great twists and turns because of him so of course I am going to follow it for the next adventure. 

Sometimes I look at our path and think we must be a little crazy; it is windy and bumpy but also crammed full of adventure and excitement. And I talk about all of it on the blog because I think especially in expat circles, we all go through the same emotions and scenarios. 

I do often wonder where our path will lead us because by nature I am organized and methodical and like to know what the future holds. The boyfriend is a little more spontaneous shall we say and actually he is probably the main source of adventure in my life. 

Our path has been good to us so far and has allowed us to have a huge variety of experiences that have ultimately shaped who we are, it has made our relationship stronger and our personalities richer. 

Ultimately my path in life could have been a lot different but thanks to my partner in crime it has turned out pretty good. He has stuck by me for 10 of the most crucial years of our life; from those early teenage days, through our 20's and those fundamental milestones of life which shape who you are. Sometimes our paths have gone different ways and time apart to develop as individuals has made each of us much stronger. 

Whatever path you and take and whichever country you end up in make the most of the experiences that are available to and alter your path accordingly. Sometimes it is good to follow that bump in the road even if people tell you no.

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