Friday, 6 June 2014

how will the Friday feeling change?

If Friday was a room, it would be filled with pink balloons. Well at least that is how I imagine it.


But soon, I will be living in Dubai and the Friday feeling will have a whole different meaning. Because Friday will be the UK's version of Saturday and Thursday will be the new Friday. Confused? Me too. In Dubai the working week runs from Sunday to Thursday making Friday and Saturday the weekend.  This is closely linked with the Friday morning prayers and mosque sessions which dictate that Friday is a weekend. 

This topsy turvy bit of the move is part and parcel of changing countries and embracing a new culture but i have only ever lived in European countries and I wonder how I will adjust to not only living in a new time zone, which brings with it the logistical nightmare of Skype calls, but with a different week structure. 

I have made life easier on myself by flying on a Thursday and landing late at night which means bedtime will be the first thing I do in Dubai and I will wake up to the weekend, hopefully inducing some sense of normality from the word go. 

We shall see how easily I adjust won't we....

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  1. Dubai sounds exciting! Good luck with time difference lol.
    xoxo Aimee


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