Saturday, 7 June 2014

Life Lately: A few final weeks in London

I have settled into my temporary tourist life quite well and I am even beginning to feel in love with London again. This is mainly due to the sunshine that has crept out during the last few days of May and the beginning of June. I have rekindled relationships with friends, cooked yummy veggie food and visited the amazing wedding dresses exhibition at the V&A an taken a trip to the British Museum (more on that another time). 

I endured and survived a day at the UAE embassy in South Kensington, have started packing and have made a long list of essentials to take with me. I have even been organised enough to plan some blog posts to tide this little space over while I transition for a few days between London and Dubai. All of that and I am writing a little series of articles for the Expats Blog guys; my guide to moving to Dubai with loads of useful info and tips for expats embarking on a new adventure to the Middle East, most of which I have learnt the hard way so fingers crossed it can help some of you out there. 

To say I am excited is an understatement, but I will have a heavy heart as I take off from Heathrow. It has been a wonderful few months and I have spent time with amazing friends who continue to put up with me despite my comings and goings. 

Onto the next chapter though. 5 days and counting. 

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