Sunday, 22 June 2014

is it sunday or monday?

I've surprised myself with how quickly I have begun to settle into life in Dubai. Last Sunday we spent the day hopping from air conditioned government office to air conditioned government office, completing visa application forms, giving blood and having every inch of my hands scanned.  This Sunday I started my day with a swim in the pool, the boyfriend has gone off to work and I am now ready to get down to some serious blog prep, job hunting and writing.

The apartment is definitely starting to feel more like home and actually, so is Dubai. Maybe it is the boyfriend and the pooch that have helped me settle so quickly or maybe this sprawling city with it's towering skyline and beautiful sunsets has just hijacked a piece of my heart already.

Adapting to the different structure of the working week is something I am yet to accomplish; I posted my Sunday sound on the blog yesterday (Saturday), which is our version of Sunday. I then had an internal discussion with myself about re-naming the post to Saturday Sound which lasted all but two minutes before deciding not to. 

I woke up this morning ready to start Monday and then looked at my phone to see the word Sunday glaring back at me. To be fair my brain is on the right track; it is the first working day of the week, it just happens to fall on a slightly different day.  

I am sure this is something that will get easier once I have a working structure in place and I have to remind myself that I have only lived in this city for a week and three days which means there are many more weeks of adjustment to come. 

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