Thursday, 19 June 2014

beauty: paw paw by papaya gold

Paw Paw by Papaya Gold is a great multi-purpose balm that I feel is going to give Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream a run for her money.

The Elizabeth Arden is a miracle worker but sometimes I feel like the gloopy texture is a bit overwhelming on my skin. I love the healing properties of it but have been in pursuit of a multi-purpose balm that will give me moisture and nourishment without the greasy gloop. And on my return to London, a wonderful display in Boots caught my eye and the rest is history so to speak.

Papaya Gold's Paw Paw moisturizing balm is crammed full of Bio Active Manuka Honey 20+ which soothes and moisturises dry and irritated skin and lips. I have been using it on the dry skin on my hands, my lips, elbows and the sore patch of skin where my flip flops have been rubbing for the last few days. 

And I have to say I am rather impressed with this balm. It is thick enoug to feel moisturizing but not too thick that it leaves a heavy, greasy residue on your skin and it hasn't got any sort of overpowering smell, something I really dislike in skin products. 

And it is suitable for use on excema, psoriasis and dermatitis so it is definitely and all round product. It's available at boots for just £5.99 and was the perfect size to pop into my hand luggage to keep dry skin at bay on board my flight last week. 

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