Friday, 25 April 2014

expat life: tough decisions make for a great future.

For the last few weeks months, there has been a lot going on behind this blog. Firstly as you will have noticed I have been in London. And without my favourite person; no not the boyfriend, the dog!

Everyday I sat at the keyboard and my fingers wanted to type so badly but what was going to come out wasn't ready for public viewing. 2014 started with the boyfriend leaving to go back to Germany, a situation neither of us were happy about. And we figured, sometimes you have to take a shot in the dark to reap the rewards. We are not strangers to sacrifice; we have lived in different countries on a regular basis, we have endured many periods of separation and we have often take serious decisions to ensure a better future. Because, as I always like to say, good things come to those who wait.

But for a very long time, I have not been 100% happy in Cyprus. It all started when the boyfriend left for Germany. And 2013 has probably been one of the most challenging yet. But there was always going to be light at the end of the tunnel and the 31st December came and went, bringing a new year with it. And like I said, 2014 should be the year to take back control right. 

And that is exactly what we are doing.

There have been some tough, anxiety ridden, stress inducing decisions to make that have made me realise how grown up we are. Being in a relationship since the age of 15, it is quite easy to forget that we are not teenagers anymore and that we have seriously grown up! Adult decisions like which country should we live in, really put everything into perspective.

With that being said, there are going to be some pretty important changes coming. I have already packed up everything and jumped across the water to London as you may have noticed. And now I am going from one expat existence to another and will shortly be packing up and hoping on another plane headed towards another adventure.

This time, it will be Dubai. Well you know I never really did like the rain anyway. 


  1. I completely understand how difficult those life decisions can be and i too believe that every single one you make comes with a great reward at the end.
    The upcoming move sounds incredibly exciting and I can't wait to hear about the initial settling in period of an expat!

    1. thank you Kasia for your thoughtful words. It is always tough making decisions which will impact on every aspect of your life. But without risks and the tough decisions, life would be rather dull wouldn't it. I will still be blogging and will be filling this space with amazing photographs and fewer words im sure.


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